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Paris art installation by Star Designer Rolf
Rolf Buck

Paris art installation by Star Designer Rolf

Rolf Buck Star Set Designer @rolfbuck
Maison & Objet Fair Paris
4 Square Feet
Level: Expert

I'm really into WERNS and they inspire me a lot. I was so excited to create an art installation for them in Paris at the Maison & Objet fair.

Who is Rolf Buck?

Born to a Norwegian mother and a captain from Bremerhaven, Rolf Buck’s life is a tapestry of fascinating experiences. From early seafaring days to being discovered by a Vogue stylist in Düsseldorf, his journey is nothing short of remarkable. With a portfolio that boasts collaborations with celebrities like Beth Dito, Manuel Neuer, and Moby, and brands like Porsche, Maybach, and Samsung, Rolf’s reputation precedes him. When he encountered WERNS’ sculptural animal lights, a vibrant collaboration was inevitable.


Rolf Three components are always there with me: something old, something alive and something homemade.

In a joint venture for an art installation at the Maison & Objet fair in Paris, Rolf crafted a diorama showcasing surreal scenes with Chouchou the cat, and ostriches Franz Josef and Baby FJ. Using old vases, Rolf and his partner ingeniously created pedestals by painting and stacking them.


Rolf For me it was really nice, it was really fun. It was a nice job, actually it wasn't a job, it was a pleasure to do it. I'm also really into WERNS products and it inspired me a lot.


Rolf’s Creative Tips: 

 1. Stay in Tune with Fashion: Today’s fashion trends often become tomorrow’s interior design inspirations. That electric green you saw in a Bottega Veneta outfit? It might just be the next big thing for home décor.

2. Balance the Old with the New: There’s beauty in a blend. Pairing something old, something new, and something handmade can strike the right balance, preventing interiors from looking too sterile or „off-the-shelf.“

3. It’s All in the Details: Small decor items like vases or colorful candles can create a significant impact without much effort.

4. Light it Right: As someone who embraces maximalism, Rolf knows the power of diverse lighting sources. By using both big and small light sources, you can craft various atmospheres and moods.

5. Dare to Play with Color: In today’s age, there are no taboos. Mix and match colors. It’s all a matter of personal taste.

Rolf’s collaboration with WERNS for the Maison & Objet international fair is a testament to his creative prowess and the beauty of collaborative innovation.


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