Patty in London

Patty in London

Alice Interior Influencer @strikeme_pink
City House
5 Years

I love all the small individual bits in peoples houses that make them unique.

Welcome to Alice’s extraordinary city house, where maximalism reigns supreme and Savannah touches create a captivating interior ambiance. As an influential figure in the world of interior design on Instagram, Alice has transformed her home into a haven of eclectic charm and vibrant creativity. From the real stuffed zebra hanging on the wall, affectionately named King Julius, to the abundance of DIY furniture and curated antiques and oddities, every corner of Alice’s home tells a unique story. Join us as we explore the moody colors, floral patterns, animal prints, and a delightful centerpiece named Patty the Potamus side table that make Alice’s interior a truly captivating spectacle.

Alice’s interior embodies the essence of maximalism, embracing the concept of 'more is more' with unapologetic enthusiasm. Bold colors, patterns, and textures come together to create a visually stimulating and richly layered space. Drawing inspiration from the enchanting landscapes of the Savannah, Alice infuses her home with touches of the wild. The use of earthy tones, natural textures, and animal motifs pays homage to the captivating beauty of this remarkable landscape. Alice proudly displays King Julius, a real stuffed zebra, as a unique and eye-catching statement piece. This unexpected element serves as a distinctive centerpiece, reflecting Alice’s love of curiosities.

Alice’s love for DIY projects is evident throughout her home. Handcrafted furniture bring a sense of individuality and charm, allowing her to infuse her personal touch into every aspect of the interior design. Each DIY creation adds a layer of creativity and showcases Alice’s talent for transforming everyday items into extraordinary works of art. Also her penchant for collecting antiques and oddities is apparent in every corner of her home. These carefully curated pieces bring a sense of history and intrigue.

Tell us which interior style you prefer

Alice From plain Jane to jungle maximalism! I mean I do love a clean plastered wall but not as much as a finished room styled with all my antique finds and beautiful bits and bobs.

Floral patterns adorn the walls, textiles, and decorative accents in Alice’s home. These lively and vibrant motifs inject a sense of natural beauty and femininity, adding a refreshing contrast to the bold colors and textures present in the space. Embracing her love for the wild, Alice incorporates animal prints throughout her interior. Tiger and zebra stripes as well as framed artwork of animals and insects on the walls infuse the space with a sense of adventure and untamed elegance, creating a captivating visual impact.

One of the striking centerpieces in Alice’s home is Patty the Potamus side table. This whimsical piece, with its distinctive hippopotamus-shaped base, adds a playful touch to the space. Placed in front of a blue sofa, it becomes a focal point that combines functionality with artistic flair.


Alice It really is the finishing touches and dressing that make a room really come together.

Step into Alice’s maximalistic city house, where African touches, DIY creations, and curated antiques converge in a harmonious and captivating display. From King Julius, the stuffed zebra, to the moody colors, floral patterns, and animal prints, Alice’s interior is a testament to her unique vision and creative spirit. With Patty the Potamus side table as a centerpiece, her home showcases her love for bold design choices and eclectic treasures. Prepare to be inspired as you journey through this maximalistic wonderland.

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