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One color throughout
Cecilia and Kevin

One color throughout

Cecilia and Kevin Interior Designer @cecilia_inspiration_deco
120 Square Feet
3 Years

Create a unique universe, don’t be afraid to dare things that are out of the ordinary!

Enter the enchanting world of Cecilia and Kevin. In this blog post, we’ll explore the unique elements that define Cecilia and Kevin’s interior style, from the delightful transformation of their ostrich lamp Franz Josef to Sunny, Sweety, and Sparky. Get ready to be inspired by their moody and dark yet enchanting space, adorned with deep blues, vintage-inspired patterns, and vibrant greenery.

Cecilia and Kevin’s interior is a true reflection of their personalities, boasting an abundance of character and charm. Each element has been thoughtfully curated to create a space that feels truly unique and personal.

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Cecilia Character, charme, atypical and cocooning.

One of the standout pieces in their home is the ostrich lamp named Franz Josef. Cecilia and Kevin added a playful twist by giving it false lashes, infusing it with even more personality and whimsy. This delightful transformation serves as a focal point and a testament to their creative spirit. Adding to the eclectic mix of lighting fixtures is the monochrome turquoise lamp featuring three parrots named Sunny, Sweety, and Sparky. This eye-catching piece not only provides illumination but also serves as a quirky decorative element that adds a touch of playfulness to the space.



Add a litle bit of spice and individualise your centrepieces according to your personal taste. Cecilia gave Franz Josef that special touch with false lashes.

Cecilia and Kevin’s interior embraces a moody and dark color palette, creating a sense of depth and intrigue. Deep blues dominate the space, evoking a serene and mysterious ambiance that exudes sophistication and elegance. To further enhance the atypical charm of their home, Cecilia and Kevin opted for a wallpaper with a pattern inspired by the 1920s. This vintage-inspired design adds a touch of nostalgia and visual interest, creating a captivating backdrop that anchors the overall aesthetic. Throughout their interior, you’ll find carefully placed gold accents that provide a luxurious touch. Whether in the form of picture frames, decorative objects, or fixtures, these subtle golden elements add a sense of opulence and elevate the overall design scheme. Plants play a significant role in Cecilia and Kevin’s interior, infusing the space with vibrant greenery and a sense of natural tranquility. These botanical touches create a connection to the outdoors and contribute to the overall cocooning atmosphere.

Their home is more than just a living space — it’s a personal haven that tells their story. Every corner is filled with cherished pieces, curated over time, reflecting their experiences, travels, and personal preferences. This intimate touch adds depth and soul to the overall design.

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