Tutorial: How to style a sidetable

Tutorial: How to style a sidetable

Alex Designer @werns.official
Level: easy

How to style and decorate a side table.

Decorating a round side table can be a little tricky, we know! 
 „Where do I place it?“ 
„What do I put on it and HOW?“ 
„It has no corners, where do I start?“ 
 We got you! With 3 easy TIPS and a BONUS tip at the end, decorating round objects will be a piece of cake for you!

1. If you want the table to stand out compliment round furniture with other round shapes close to it (e.g. a round carpet, round lamps etc.)

 2. Round furniture is perfect for placing it in unusual spots to losen up your room arrangement. Try placing it facing towards your room center with a bit of space between furniture and the wall.

1. Combine with other round objects. 2. Place it not too close to the wall or other furniture.

3. Think in triangular shapes when placing decorative objects on your side table top. Also vary in different heights of objects to make the arrangement look effortless and harmonious.

3. Think in triangular arrangements when lacing decoration on top.


Combine objects and furniture with different texture to spice it up and make your interior even more interesting! Kris the Kraken is made of metal with a gold finish and has a marble table top – THE classiest combination you could think of!

Kris is available in gold and silver

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