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Unusual ceiling lights

These guys aren’t afraid of heights: our animal lamps are in their element suspended from any ceiling. They don’t even mind if the cable sways to and fro. Hanging in lounges or over dining tables, our quirky ceiling lamps have given more than one person a crick in their neck!

Exclusive ceiling lamps – they shine the spotlight on themselves

They are always there: the ceiling lamps. No matter which room of the house you are in, lamps on the ceiling provide a basic level of brightness. They emit their light sideways and vertically downwards, illuminating large areas. Yet not all ceiling lamps are the same. They come in designs that are mounted directly on the ceiling, as pendant or hanging lamps. Hanging ceiling lamps in particular are often part of the decoration in the dining or living room, because they bathe a certain part of the room in their light. At the same time, as a prominently positioned light source they also shine the spotlight on themselves and influence the atmosphere of a room with their style. Bring a special ambience to your rooms with our unique ceiling lamps!

High or low – quirky ceiling lamps for any ceiling height

You need to establish the right position and height for your ceiling lamp, depending on which room you wish to hang it in. You can safely disregard the needs of our animal lamps in your considerations, because they are not afraid of heights. If you have low ceilings, you should hang the lamp as high as possible to achieve the best illumination in the room. In large rooms with high ceilings, you often need more than one ceiling lamp and can therefore vary the height. But be careful: leave enough space, because our quirky ceiling lamps don’t enjoy bashing into people’s heads! If the lamp is hanging above the table, we recommend that you hang it about 90 cm above the tabletop to ensure that it provides optimal lighting for the table without dazzling people. Charlie and Dave make it especially easy for you, because you can adjust the height of these unique ceiling lamps by means of a slider.

Our exclusive collection – these ceiling lamps keep us on our toes

Our designer ceiling lamps are very agile and vivacious. Sometimes we find them in a different position in the morning to the one we left them in when we bid them ‘good night’ the previous evening! Since this gang keeps us on our toes, we deliberately keep our collection of quirky ceiling lamps small and exclusive:
- Diver Dave is a real joker: he can’t even swim, but he loves to amuse himself by floating through the air in our living room dressed in a diving costume. As such, you can ignore his oxygen cylinder – it’s only decoration!
- Our Charlie has been part of our family for a long time and takes the biggest liberties. For instance, he also likes to turn the position of his lamp and slide up or down his rope. This lamp regularly causes confusion at our kitchen table, but we can never get angry with the golden chimpanzee!
- Chip is our newest family member and still clearly hesitant. He prefers to keep an eye on us from a safe height and listen in to our conversations. Maybe the little monkey will become more trusting in your home?

Where can your ceiling lamp live

Every room has a ceiling, so the question inevitably arises as to the room in which you should install your quirky ceiling lamp. In the living room or in the kitchen above the dining table? Or preferably in the bedroom? From experience, we know that our special ceiling lamps look good everywhere – we have captured this in many photos. Take a look at our social media channels and get some new ideas for installing your exclusive ceiling lamp!

Which lamp is yours

Have you fallen for the charm of one of our exclusive ceiling lamps? Can you picture it in one of your rooms? Our black and golden chimpanzees made from high-quality polyresin are really adorable and their quirky design will bring a new touch of pizzazz to your home. If you have any questions about our products or the shipping process, you will find many of the answers in our FAQs. If you cannot find what you are looking for there, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us!