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Quirky decorative vases and pots

The Ancient Greeks knew that the best way to display flowers was to put them on people’s heads. Given that flowers have been worn as headdresses for thousands of years, we thought it was only logical to create a range of unusual vases and pots inspired by fascinating animals’ heads. Which special vase is missing from your home?

Vases Kong

Quirky vases – for perfectly showcasing flowers

A bouquet of red roses for Valentine's Day, colourful tulips or gerberas for birthday and sunflowers for the harvest festival – flowers often speak a symbolic language. So it is only natural that they need to be perfectly showcased in order to find the ideal form of expression for their silence. And what could be better than a quirky decorative vase to give your flowers all the attention they deserve? Our special flower vases are guaranteed to catch the eye of your visitors and are the perfect container for any kind of bouquet.

The ideal arrangement for flower and vase

What would Bruce, Kong, Clarence and Jumbo be without headwear? They would be no less impressive, but they would lack that certain something. Our wild animals have become so accustomed to life as a vase that they feel naked when they cannot provide a home for flowers. That's what they say anyway. Since we are committed to each of our animals and their well-being, freshly cut flowers are just as much a part of our weekly shopping as the butter for our bread. And it is worth it for all involved, because our unique vases feel comfortable, the flowers get the stage they deserve and we just can’t help but smile when we see them together. 

The perfect face for flowers – our special vases

Some people have a face for hats. Others simply don’t. Our decorative vases in the form of animal heads have a face for flowers – there is no other way of putting it. No matter what kind of flower you put in their head, they always look good. But it goes without saying that our special decorative vases also have their own style and personal preferences: Clarence likes it colourful and opulent – no flower is too big, too colourful or too unusual for him. Bruce on the other hand likes the little green wallflowers and helps to show them off in a new way with his cheeky face. What do our unusual vases tell you about their favourite flowers?

Exclusive flower vases for any location – as long as it’s dry

Our quirky vases are exceedingly robust and adaptable – they accept almost any place as their home. Whether as a decorative element on the kitchen table or on a dresser in the living room, our decorative vases are aware of their extraordinary impact and thus have no special wishes in terms of where they are placed. With one exception, however: they don’t like getting wet. As such, use our vases solely as a planter and never put your flowers in them without a water container. Our animals are also used to the cold and are steadfast even at low temperatures outdoors – as long as they don’t come into contact with any rain. 

An exclusive selection of vases for your home

They say you can never have enough vases. These times are over with our exclusive flower vases, because you have the right companion for every flower with just one vase. That is why we have consciously kept our selection of decorative vases small. Our exclusive collection includes:
- Bruce: With his cheeky, curious face, this small golden chimpanzee made of high-quality polyresin will take any heart by storm.
- Clarence attracts all the admiring glances with his magnificent head of hair and the crown that sits atop it – after all, who is more deserving of it than the king of the jungle?
- Jumbo is made of magnesia with a gold coat of paint, just like Clarence and Kong, and is a real highlight for any kind of decoration.
- Kong is a real big-head – with a diameter measuring 39.5 cm – but he always mellows at the sight of flowers.

Brighten up your home with our extraordinary vases

Have you taken a shine to Bruce or one of our other decorative vases? Completely understandable, because we can no longer imagine life without our exclusive vases either. You only need to take a look at our pictures on Instagram to see that it is no longer possible to imagine our rooms without these special flower vases as decoration. But we do like to share them! So order your vase today or write to us if you have any questions!