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Unusual floor lamps

What would Paris be without the Eiffel Tower? Or Pisa without the Leaning Tower? A city without landmarks would be as dull as a home without our unique floor lamps. We certainly can’t imagine living without them any more – because these lamps never fail to make a statement.

Quirky floor lamps – anything but everyday

The primary role of lamps is to provide light. Yet floor lamps in particular serve another purpose: due to their size, these lamps are always real eye-catchers and can generate a completely new ambience in a room. And who can escape the spell of our exclusive floor lamps? Our animal lamps bring atmospheric light and a touch of other-worldliness to your rooms. Enjoy the exclusive flair that each of our floor lamps brings!

Unique floor lamps – they feel at home almost anywhere

Unlike ceiling lamps or permanently installed wall lamps, floor lamps have the advantage of being mobile. Whether on a pedestal or on the floor, next to the sofa or by the table – our exclusive floor lamps cut a fine figure wherever they stand in the room. And the animal lamps like to change their location – Leopold, for example, loves to look out of the window. Our floor lamps are also very flexible when it comes to choosing the space, because they are happy to live in almost any room – apart from the bathroom. From experience, however, we can say one thing: our designer floor lamps like to be among people. Accordingly, they feel especially at home in the living room, where you spend long evenings. 

Where will your unique floor lamp stand

Are you still unsure about where in your rooms to position one of our quirky floor lamps and where the design will be shown to best advantage? Seek inspiration on our social media channels! We like to experiment with our unique floor lamps and combine them with cheerful, modern colours and set them against extraordinary backdrops – in the bedroom or living room or even in business settings. Use our many examples to rethink your lighting or integrate your floor lamp into your room concept. 

Exclusive selection – because every floor lamp is special

Each of our floor lamps is something quite special to us. They are family members with their own stories and needs. We wish to grant them this exclusive status and thus meet their individual requirements. That is why we have limited our range of modern floor lamps to a select few.

High-quality designer floor lamps – exotic animals close enough to touch

Who says that designer floor lamps must be geometric and puristic? Our modern floor lamps are anything but abstract, because they are inspired by native and exotic animals. All lamps are made of high-quality polyresin and recreate the hair and fur structure of our animal models. The lights look so real that you feel like giving them a stroke. Go ahead – they love it! Preferably with a soft microfibre cloth – so that not a hair is out of place. 

Beyond ordinary – unique flair for your favourite spot in the living room

What kind of life did Koko and Hiding Rabbit lead before becoming floor lamps? On long winter evenings they let us share in some of their adventures – Koko in particular can be very talkative. Yet our floor lamps have so much more to tell.
Our little tip: position your quirky floor lamp near your favourite spot in the living room and you will be amazed at the stories it will tell you on a quiet evening!

Our biggest floor lamp: Hiding Rabbit

We don’t know who or what our Hiding Rabbit is afraid of. Although this unusual floor lamp is our oldest family member – and a well-loved one at that – we haven’t yet worked out why it is so shy. That said, his shyness is also slightly ambivalent – because Hiding Rabbit does not shy away from the light and is hard to miss at 115 cm tall. Yet since the black lampshade cuts an incredibly elegant figure alongside the gold of the floor lamp, we leave our rabbit to his secrets and prefer to have him around us in the living room. Could this fascinating and shy floor lamp find its new home at your place and overcome its shyness? 

Give our quirky floor lamps a new home

Maybe you have fallen for one of our floor lamps and would like to give it a new home. If you don’t just want any old lamp, but an exclusive designer floor lamp for your home, we are happy to share with you! Bring a little adventure into your home with our exclusive lamps!
If you have any questions about our lamps, you will find many of the answers in the FAQs. Otherwise, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.