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Unusual wall lights

Looking at your own four walls is never boring – at least not with our quirky wall lights! From feathered to furred, we have collected lamps from all of our globe - trotting adventures to guarantee that boredom doesn’t stand a chance. Add their magic to your home!


Unusual wall lights – why choose something dull 

More than any other kind of lamp, wall lamps are simply made to attract admiring glances and transform rooms. That's because unlike ceiling lamps, wall lamps are mounted at eye level and are firmly part of a room’s concept. The light and extraordinary character of our special wall lamps bring atmosphere into your room. Whether next to a picture or as a stand-alone element, whether on colourful or monochrome wallpaper – our decorative wall lamps fit into many different environments. And one thing is guaranteed: staring at the wall will never get boring with us!

Why our animals want to be wall lamps

Needless to say, as respected family members we asked all of our lamps where in the room they feel most comfortable and whether they prefer to be free-standing or permanently installed. From Rexy and Alberto Aligatore we know that they love the little heart-stopping moments they see in the eyes of everybody who encounters them for the first time. That is why they insisted on being wall lamps. Because the fact that no one can get past them without feeling a little shudder amuses them no end. Not to mention the fact that they quickly become the focus of the conversation. So let's allow them their fun. Our feathered friends, on the other hand, are less forthcoming about why they chose the wall. Maybe they will tell you why they want to be the lighting on the wall?

Our exclusive collection – because every wall lamp deserves attention

Our unique wall lights know that they are something quite special and welcome being given the attention they feel they deserve. That is why we intentionally keep our collection of wall lamps small and exclusive so that we can meet the demands of each of our lamps:
- With jaws almost 40 cm long and many sharp teeth, Alberto Aligatore looks truly terrifying. But he is actually smiling – you must believe us!
- Dinosaur Rexy looks no less terrifying – and he sometimes often roars to reinforce this effect. Yet fear not: dinosaurs that roar do not bite!
- In his former life, Percy was a brightly coloured parrot – yet in his heart, he had always dreamed of golden elegance. He now has this and with his turquoise lampshade he is still able to retain some of his former majestic colouring.
- Our South African ostrich Franz-Josef is made from high-quality polyresin with a gold coat of paint, which makes his feathers look deceptively real.
- Our swan Petra is cast from the same material as Franz-Josef – it is therefore no wonder that the pair get on so well. Her plumage, meanwhile, comes in elegant black.

Where can your decorative wall light live

There are many walls in an apartment, house or office space. So the question inevitably arises as to which room and on which wall you should install your new lamp. Is there a particular area within your space that you would like to accentuate more? Or have you ever thought about using a fancy wall light instead of a bedside lamp? We like to experiment with the position of our special wall lamps – and on our social media channels we have documented them. Take a look around and seek inspiration for the installation of your designer lamp. 

Which lamp is yours

Can you already picture in your mind one of our quirky wall lamps on your wall? Then it's time to bring the animal lamp into your home!
If you have any further questions about our products or the shipping process, you will find many of the answers in our FAQs. If you cannot find what you are looking for there, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us!